PurpleTutor & Udghosh IIT Kanpur’22 presents Udghosh National Open School Quiz

Udghosh organises UNOSQ for very enthusiastic or passionate kids all over the country. It’s showtime. Prove Yourself. Be a part of this ever-lasting legacy and win a lot.

What is UNOSQ?

Udghosh National Open School Quiz is an annual competition for classes 6th to 12th, conducted and organized by Udghosh, IIT Kanpur. The competition is divided into two halves, in which students fight for individual glory and the overall title.

Phase 1 It will consist of an exam which will be held ONLINE this year, consisting of objective-type questions on reasoning, logical puzzles, and mental ability, the duration will be 90 mins. The top 100 participants will qualify for round 2 separately for all three pools.

Phase 2 This will consist of questions related to general awareness and riddles. Duration will be 60mins. There will be talks and exhibitions to increase the enthusiasm and excitement of the winners of phase 1. This round will decide the top 10 winners of UNOSQ’22 who will be awarded exciting prizes and free passes for Pronite.

Event Details

Phase 1

Phase 1 is on 28th August.
Results on 31st August

Phase 2

Phase 2 is on 4th September
Results on 7th September

UNOSQ will contain three separate pools of students:

Pool A

(6th, 7th, and 8th graders)

Pool B

(9th and 10th graders)

Pool C

(11th and 12th graders)