Creating Future Tech Leaders

Welcome to PurpleTutor

Our goal is simple :

To build independent coding confidence in every single child

Today, children are growing up as first citizens of the digital world. We want to help parents ensure that their child’s relation to technology is not just that of a passive tech consumer. We are not happy with them just being a tech creator either – We want the children to be Future Tech Leaders!

Leaders are about Excellence and Independence. Hence, we obsess about building Independent Coding Confidence in every single child. That means their learning is not dependent on the teacher, only facilitated by it.

Every project they do – they are measured not just on the output but on their confidence & ability to make it entirely on their own. As ambitious as it sounds, without it we feel we haven’t done our job.

Key Differentiators

  1. 1

    Founded by IITians

    PurpleTutor has been founded by educators and technology leaders from IIT, IIM, CMU & Amazon

  2. 2

    Computer Science Graduates

    Our teacher selection policy mandates every teacher to have a formal computer science degree

  3. 3

    In-house Teacher Training

    We have in-house teacher training, PurpleTutor Academy, where teachers are trained to let the students lead the curriculum journey as per their creative ideas, ability and interest.

  4. 4

    Independent Coding Confidence

    We ensure that each child develops independent coding confidence, and goes from being a coder to a PurpleCoder!

Meet Our Team

Gaurav Perti


Wanted to be a Detective

B.Tech, IIT Bombay
MBA, IIM Lucknow

Yatish Gupta


Wanted to be a Math Wizard

B.Tech, IIT Bombay
M.Tech, IIT Bombay

Fatima Jilani

Head – Curriculum

Wanted to be a Teacher

B.Tech, AMU
PG Diploma, IGNOU