Top 8 Benefits of Coding for Kids

Benefits of Coding for KidsThe world is getting technologically driven. Learning technology skills like coding – is an investment for the future job market! This is the reason why the government, schools and educational organisations around the world are incorporating coding for kids in their curriculum. The benefits of coding for kids is not just limited to computer, it is beyond. It gives your child creative skills and trains the mind to be able to live like a leader.

What is Coding?

Coding is the primary method for communicating with a computer. It is a method of giving instructions to the computer for performing a specific task. These instructions are communicated using a language that computers can understand, like Python, JavaScript, Scratch, C++, HTML, etc. Learning to code opens various creative possibilities wherein your child can make computer software, websites, apps, games, animation, etc.

Importance of Coding for Kids

Back in time, children used to wait for their parents to buy toys and games. But due to the advent of technology, they have got the opportunity to create a game for themselves and others. It is a great way for kids and students to express their creativity and imagination. Also, the kind of personality development parents are witnessing due to coding courses is phenomenal.

There are a lot of exciting techniques for teaching coding to kids and students. They put their own imagination, ability, skills and thoughts to create something new. This develops multifaceted skills in them right from a very young age.

If you are planning to teach your child coding and programming, here are the top reasons why you should get a course now!

Benefits of Coding for Kids and Students

There are many benefits of coding for kids, some of the most important are explained below –

1. Coding Enhances Creativity

Coding and programming is the perfect activity for children to expand their creativity. They start to visualise the design, art, along with music while creating websites, apps, games, etc. Children learn to come up with new solutions to unfamiliar tasks. They adapt to brainstorming, broad thinking and conceptualising. Above all, the sense of achievement they feel after creating something unique of their own is priceless.

2. Coding Encourages Logical Thinking

Coding improves the trait of logical thinking in your child, which is applicable in both personal and work life. Logical thinking is analysing a situation or problem and coming up with potential solutions. In coding and programming, the key component is decomposition, which means – breaking down a complex problem into smaller parts that are easier to understand and solve. Every assignment requires the decomposition of a task into smaller parts. Children slowly realise that to achieve bigger things, they need to first take smaller steps.

3. Coding Builds Confidence

Most parents have experienced that their child has gained immense confidence during the learning process of coding. They have seen overall development in the personality of their child. Right from learning about coding, interacting with teachers, actively doing projects to creating something new, the students enjoy the process a lot.

4. Coding Teaches Computational Thinking

Computational thinking refers to designing ideas for solving problems. It teaches students how to think critically and logically. Computational thinking encompasses a set of skills and processes that enable students to navigate complex problems. This process makes it easier to tackle big problems in a structured way. While coding, when students don’t find a solution for a problem, they change their patterns and try to solve it again. It serves particle ways to approach and handle problems. Learning computational thinking builds metacognitive skills. Children at a very young age learn how to think correctly.

5. Coding Builds Storytelling Skills

Creating something digitally is essentially telling a story. Through coding, we are creating a story for people. Scratch, is a visual coding language taught to students in the coding course. It allows kids to create games, digital stories, animations, etc. Storytelling is an important part of developing an animated story or games, etc. To plan stories, students get involved in various brainstorming exercises. It also allows them to tell their own stories. Using Scratch as a digital storytelling tool, students can create poetry, short stories, illustrate math problems and much more. By reading, acting, or solving a problem in coding and programming, your child can learn how to solve it in real life too.

6. Coding Improves Academic Performance

Students that learn to code can develop multiple skills for their academic purpose including writing, maths, computers, creativity, and extracurricular activities. It helps to increase their confidence at school and in other social involvements. Moreover, coding fosters the development of important skills, such as problem-solving, strategising, planning, mathematical thinking, etc. Such multiple skills will assist kids in their academic journey.

7. Coding Develops Patience

Patience is one great quality a person should have if they want to achieve something big in life. Coding helps in developing this quality in your child right at a very young age. Coding requires a lot of patience. You won’t create something on the first go. There could be break-ups and failures. The first few moves will be based on a trial-and-error process. This overall develops great patience in children. They are motivated to continue until they get success.

8. Coding Develops Algorithmic Thinking

Algorithmic thinking is creating a set of steps to accomplish a task that could be repeated by others. It is a method of clearly defining the procedures required. Basically, while creating algorithms, the steps in solving problems are clear, efficient and well-defined. It trains the students to be able to imagine and clearly define the individual steps required to complete a task. No doubt, coding empowers children to learn with fun. It also inspires them to engage with technology in a positive and productive way.

Top Coding Career Options

The rise in the digital era has led to the constant rise of IT jobs. Students are developing more interest in pursuing their careers in the programming domain. IT jobs are counted amongst the most promising high-paying jobs with global exposure and ever-growing career opportunities.  In today’s technologically driven business environment, coding makes the world go round. Almost every business uses software or databases to address a challenge, they depend on the work of programmers. This gives plenty of career options where coding skills are required.

Some of the most popular types of jobs you can get with coding skills, are as follow-

  • Information Technology
  • Software Application Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Web Developer
  • Software Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Art and Design
  • Computer System Engineer
  • Computer System Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Game Developer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Data Scientist
  •  Architect

And many more….


The demand for digital skills is increasing. Companies across the globe are reshaping the world of work. No doubt, the importance and benefits of coding for kids are high. Kids and students who are starting early to learn coding is going to be the pioneers of the future. They have a bright future.

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