JavaScript for Kids: JavaScript Courses To Learn From Scratch

Easy Ways to Learn JavaScript for Kids

JavaScript for Kids

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript programming language makes the web interactive and engaging. This means that whenever you interact with the website or an app, it is JavaScript that is helping. It is found in almost every web browser, such as Chrome, Mozilla, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

JavaScript is a widely used programming language to build websites, web applications, mobile applications, standalone programs, etc. It is a popular language for beginners because it is relatively easy to learn. JavaScript is considered to be powerful programming and is used by many companies around the world.

JavaScript is used in giving instructions to the computer. Ideally, when you click something on a web page or type from a keyboard, the web responds because of JavaScript. The programming language is frequently updated with newer versions. Developers can use JavaScript in the front- and back-end of web development. It also seamlessly integrates with CSS and HTML.

JavaScript for kids helps to dive into web development, game designs and more. It also helps them prepare for their future careers. JS helps to control animation. It helps in creating animations and effects, such as fading in and out or moving elements on the page. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to interact with web pages or control game characters. Learning JavaScript can be an engaging and creative way for kids to express themselves and build their own projects.

Why Should Kids Learn JavaScript?

JavaScript is a versatile language that can be used to build a wide variety of projects, such as interactive games, animations, data visualisations, etc. Learning JavaScript can help kids gain strong academic skills and valuable skills that can open up career opportunities in multiple fields. There are several benefits of learning coding and JavaScript for kids, such as –

  • Learning JavaScript help kids develop critical thinking skills, as they will need to think through the logic of their programs and troubleshoot any issues that arise
  • Programming involves breaking down complex problems into smaller, more manageable pieces and finding solutions to each piece. This improves problem-solving skills in kids
  • Since JavaScript is a widely used programming language and is in high demand in the job market. Learning JavaScript can open up a variety of career opportunities for kids in the future
  • Learning JavaScript fosters creativity in kids. Programming allows you to create and build things completely new. This can be a great outlet for creativity and allow you to express yourself in a unique way
  • The ultimate experience for kids is the fun! Many kids find programming to be a fun and engaging activity. It can be a great hobby and a way to spend time productively

Overall, learning JavaScript can be a fun and rewarding experience for kids, and it can help them gain valuable skills that will be useful in their future studies and careers.

What do Kids Learn in JavaScript?

The courses designed in JavaScript nearly cover everything that the child needs to master the programming language. Kids adapt many dynamic skills during the course and they do wonderful projects.

Kids in the course learn –

  • They learn to use JavaScript code blocks for drawing intricate 2D patterns
  • Kids create colourful art by superimposing shapes
  • They learn to use variables, functions, and loops for achieving specified tasks
  • Kids learn how to create animations and interesting games using JavaScript coding
  • Kids learn how to create and use sprites, create sprite movements and manipulate their properties
  • Students explore the drawing commands of JavaScript in the block-based environment and create beautiful landscapes and drawings
  • Kids create projects like Platform Jumper Game, T-Rex Game, etc

And much more.

The JavaScript courses are designed based on the age group and duration. Here are the two categories of the JS courses are as follows –

  • Young Learners Course – Age 10 to 11 Years | Duration 30 sessions – 30 hours

Students learn to draw and add colours using JavaScript. They learn to create and animate sprites (characters in a game). Students learn vital programming concepts such as conditionals, functions and arrays. They learn event-based programming using which they design games. The course also includes block-based coding to explain basic programming concepts. By the end of the course, they make their own interactive games complete with music and a scoreboard.

  • Early Achievers Course – Age 12 to 14 Years | Duration 20 sessions – 20 hours

Students learn to draw and add colours using JavaScript. They learn animation and game design using sprites. Students learn vital programming concepts such as conditionals, functions and arrays. They learn about events and how to create & manage events in the game. At the end of the course, they build multi-level games like the T-Rex game, which has many levels with music and a scoreboard.


Learning JavaScript builds a foundation for coding and web development. It trains kids in creating web and mobile applications, games, etc. It also improves their cognitive skills. Due to the advent of technology, learning coding and programming language has become important and essential for the academic development of students. Learning how to code right from an early age opens door to multiple career opportunities for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I try a free class for coding? 

A: Yes. the first demo class is free of charge. You can book the free class from the booking link.

2. Is the coding course schedule flexible?

A: The courses are flexible. You can select any time and any day that works around your child’s schedule.

3. How do I know what coding course is right for my kid?

A: The teachers assess the level of the student in the demo class on the basis of which the course is suggested.

4. Will my child receive a certificate?

A: Students get certificated after completion of each course. The certificate recognises the skills the student learnt and the level of mastery achieved.

5. What do you require to learn coding from Purple Tutor?

A: You need a laptop/computer with a webcam and a stable internet connection.

6. What are the courses that Purple Tutor offers?

A: Purple Tutor provides Cutting edge courses to make your child future ready. We have courses like – Python, Web Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, & Roblox Games.

7. What level will my kid reach in coding expertise after completing your course?

A: Kids learn everything about coding that exists in their courses like basic programming concepts, algorithms, sequencing and then writing code to solve puzzles, projects and geometric patterns. According to the course that they have undertaken, they will learn as per the curriculum.

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