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Who is a Python tutor?

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A Python tutor should have a strong understanding of Python syntax, data structures, algorithms, and programming concepts, as well as the ability to explain these concepts clearly and effectively to students. They should also be able to provide hands-on coding exercises and projects to help students practice and reinforce their learning.

PurpleTutor has many experienced, well-qualified & trained Python tutors, and over the years we have successfully taught thousands of students Python programming. We offer a wide range of Python programming courses, tailored to every student category, starting from beginner to intermediate to advanced-level programs of study. We tutor students not just on the core Python programming language concepts, but also provide training on the applications of Python in the key fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science.  

How can a Python tutor help in learning Python?

A Python tutor can be a valuable resource for learning Python, especially for beginners who are just starting out. Here are some ways that a Python tutor can help students master Python:

  • Introduce students to the basics : A Python tutor can guide you through the basics of Python programming, including variables, data types, control structures, functions, and modules. They can explain the fundamental concepts and help you build a solid foundation for more advanced topics.
  • Provide personalized instruction : A Python tutor can tailor their instruction to your individual learning needs and goals. They can answer your questions, provide feedback on your code, and offer suggestions for improvement.
  • Offer real-world examples : A Python tutor can provide real-world examples and use cases for Python programming, helping you understand how it can be used in practical applications.
  • Help with projects and assignments : A Python tutor can help you with specific projects and assignments, providing guidance on how to approach the task and offering feedback on your code.
  • Keep you motivated : Learning a new programming language can be challenging and frustrating at times. A Python tutor can provide encouragement and motivation to help you stay focused and continue making progress.

Overall, a Python tutor can be a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn Python, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced programmer. They can offer personalized instruction, practical examples, and support to help you achieve your learning goals. 
So, if you are searching for the best Python tutor to get started with Python Programming,  you’ve come to the right place. PurpleTutor  has  over the years built a team of tutors that can cater to your needs. You can simply book a trial class with us to experience the same.

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Which Python courses are offered by PurpleTutor in its role as an online Python tutor?

In its role as an online Python tutor, PurpleTutor offers these online Python courses that have been categorized according to the age of the child. A short summary of what the student will learn in each course is provided for your reference.

Age 10 to 11 Years (Young Learners Course)

  1. INTRODUCTION TO PYTHON PROGRAMMING – Learning Python programming using blocks. Creating drawings and games using Python Turtle Commands
  2. ADVANCED PYTHON PROGRAMMING – Students will shift to text-based programming and explore advanced Python concepts such as type casting, string handling, functions, lists, and more. 
  3. INTRODUCTION TO DATA SCIENCE – Learn how to run basic math operations to analyze data and represent it using different types of charts and infographics. With Python Pandas library commands students will learn to create tables, insert data in them and print them.  

Ages 12-15 years (Early Achievers Course)

  • INTRODUCTION TO PYTHON PROGRAMMING – During these coding classes the students will learn the basic concepts of Python and code programs using a text-based editor. All programs are written using the Python Turtle library.
  • ADVANCED PYTHON PROGRAMMING – Students will explore advanced Python concepts such as data types, type casting, and basic data structures like tuples, lists and dictionaries. 
  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – Students are introduced to AI and Machine Learning. They will create voice, image, and text recognition projects using teachable machines and Scratch. They then explore deeper into how computers visualize images and create various image and video manipulation projects using the CV2 library of Python. They also create a machine learning model for emotion detection, using Python code.
  • DATA SCIENCE – PYTHON – Students will work with Google Sheets and Forms to collect and store data. They will learn how to use the Python Numpy module to analyze data. Students will explore the Python Panda library commands to create dataframes. They will learn how to read data from the CSV file and how to visually represent the data using Python Matplotlib library. 

Ages 15+ years(Young Professionals Course)

  1. PYTHON BASICS – Students will reinforce their knowledge of the core Python programming concepts, during these coding classes. They will get hands-on experience in activities to apply their understanding of basic data types, conditionals, loops, typecasting, basic data types, functions, and variables.
  2. PYTHON DATA STRUCTURES – Students will explore advanced data structures of Python namely lists, dictionaries, tuples, strings, stacks, and queues. they will be given the practice to write code on how to manipulate data in these data structures using python functions. Students will learn how to apply Binary and Linear search algorithms for searching elements. They will also learn how to use Insertion and bubble sort algorithms to sort data.
  3. DATA SCIENCE FUNDAMENTALS WITH PYTHON – Students will learn how to import and use the math, random, and statistics Python libraries that are used in Data Science. In these coding classes, they will also learn about Object Oriented Programming and how to apply it.
  4. DATA SCIENCE WITH PYTHON -Students will learn to apply statistics module functions to data. They will work to organize and manipulate data in arrays, series, and data frames using NumPy. They will also explore the Matplotlib library to represent data using different graphs.

To get a glimpse of what your child will learn, check out one of our videos on Python coding for beginners – 

Course Content, Duration and Certificate

To view the detailed course content for each course, please click on the course name. The number of sessions for each coding course is given in the Duration column. Each session lasts for an hour.

Students will be eligible to get a certificate at the end of each of the given coding courses.

Age 9-11 years (Young Learners Course)

SL. No. Course Name Duration(hrs)

Ages 12-15 years(Early Achievers Course)

SL. No. Course Name Duration(hrs)

Ages 15+ years(Young Professionals Course)

SL. No. Course Name Duration(hrs)

Course Requirements

  • For the majority of the Python coding courses, there are no coding prerequisites needed, since the course will start with the very basics before moving on to the core concepts.
  • It is necessary to have a laptop or computer with a webcam and a stable internet connection to take our online coding classes.
  • To take any of the Data Science coding courses, students need to have the knowledge of core Python programming concepts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I get a demonstration first of an online session?

A: Yes, we provide a demo tutorial session.

2. Is the demo tutorial free of cost?

A:  Yes, the demo is free.

3. How can I book the free demo class?

A: You can book the free class from the booking link.

4. What are the days/timing of the training courses?

A: The days and timing of our training courses are flexible. Any time and any day that fits into your child’s schedule can be selected.

5. What is the core Python full course duration?

A: The core Python full course consists of 50 hours. There are 50 sessions in the Python full course. Each session is of one-hour duration.

6. Can my kid understand and learn Python easily?

A: Our Python training is conducted in a way that even a 7-year-old can understand and learn Python easily. Also, Python is a child-friendly language, and it is not difficult to learn Python.

7. What about Python certification? Will my child receive a certificate on completion of the Python course?

A: Your child will get a certificate after completion of the course. The Python certification recognizes the skills the student learned, and the level of mastery achieved.

8. What does my child need to know before starting the Python training from PurpleTutor?

A: Your child does not need to know any coding prior to starting the Python course. We start the Python programming course from the very basics.  Your child simply needs a laptop/computer with a webcam and a stable internet connection, for learning Python with us.

9. Will my child be able to code independently after completion of the course?

A: Yes. Our Python programming courses are designed to build confidence in Python coding by encouraging your child to make projects and games on their own.

10. What are the courses that PurpleTutor offers?

A: PurpleTutor provides Cutting edge courses to make the student’s future ready. We have courses like – Python, Web Development, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Courses, Cyber Security, Roblox Games & many more on offer. Please visit our courses section for more information or talk to a counsellor. You may also book a complimentary class with us and discuss the same with the teacher in-person too.


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